Snuper are a six member boy group under Widmay Entertainment that debuted in late 2015. “Higher than Super”, to give them their full name, are the agency’s first group. Up until now, the group has had very “wholesome” sounding songs, with the image to match. They truly did live up to the “boyfriend” concept, and even went a little beyond that into innocence. Their song “It’s Raining” almost won my “best of 2016” vote, and is still an absolute favourite of mine. I wasn’t going to review this current release, as I like to give nugu groups a time to find their footing with their releases, but this one caught me off guard so much, I just had to!

Back Hug


This song is definitely a change in direction for the group. I thought I could see the beginnings of this change in “It’s Raining”, and I’m glad they decided to continue on with it for this release. The sound is much more concrete, has more “bite” to it than their previous ones. However, how much of that is due to the song choice, and how much of that is due to their experience growing with each release, is a debatable matter. I do enjoy that they seem to be a little more confident this time around, and are more sure of themselves; in their talent and the song itself. It’s definitely a sound that suits them, and I want them to continue to refine this more soulful, smooth sound.

There are some things that I don’t love about the song, however. The chorus reminds me an awful lot of Beast’s “Good Luck”, and whilst they say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, it can so often be interpreted as lazy. “Good Luck” is one of my favourite Beast songs, in fact I recommended it in my “Highlight” review, so to hear it so blatantly recreated here, threw me a little. It does make me like Snuper’s song that little bit less.

The rap sections are untimely, and appear almost out of nowhere. They don’t add anything to the song in any way, and ruin the otherwise decent flow of the song. The lyrics here also reflect the overall tone of the song, in that the members want more from their partner than just hugs and kisses. The title of this song seems at odds with the rest of the song, however. It seems to indicate a much more light-hearted and more innocent song than what we actually get. I really wish it had a different name, it doesn’t suit the song at all.


The immediate visuals of this video are stunning. The lonely landscape, the flowers, the smoke;  all of it works together to produce a beautiful shot. This is easily the best MV that Snuper have released. Their agency seems to upped the production quality quite a lot and the results are much better. The video as a whole seems to have a much higher finish to it.

The video doesn’t have a story, but does string together a lot of awesome shots of the members looking sad and miserable, which fits the tone of the song. We see a lot of the dance choreography in this video, and there is an abundance of smoke, or dry ice, in it, to the point where it obscures the members completely at times. The choreography is nice, they seem more connected to it, and more focused on it than I have seen them in the past. Their footwork is great in this, and I found myself rewatching it over and over as it’s my favourite part of their routine.

The lighting in this is particularly on point, especially in the darker scenes, where the members are all together. The lighting manages to make the alley look dark, intimidating, and isolated all at the same time. Easily the best shots in the whole MV.

As great and as proficient as the shots are in this video, it’s nothing that we haven’t seen before. Whilst it’s an amazing step up in Snuper’s video catalogue, there’s nothing particularly exciting about it, from a big picture perspective. Plenty of groups have done this concept before, and done it well, or better than what Snuper have done. It’s not going to be a video I remember in 6 months, but it’s a great step in the right direction for the group.


One of my favourite releases from the group. I really like this slightly edgier sound they have in this and their previous comeback. I look forward to seeing where they go from here, and if they continue on with this particular concept.

If you want to hear more Snuper, I would recommend “You=Heaven”, “Platonic Love”, and “It’s Raining”.