Stellar is currently a five member girl group under The Entertainment Pascal agency, that debuted in 2011.The group received a lot of interest prior to debut, as Eric from Shinhwa was initially involved with them. However, their lacklustre debut (often listed as one of the worst debut songs ever) did not do well. With a quick line up change, and with 2 new members, the four member group made their first comeback, which was equally received by the public. However, slowly the group managed to attract international fans, and the proceeds of a very successful crowdfunding campaign have led to not only this comeback, but also a new member! The inclusion of Soyoung has divided Stellar’s fans. Some are delighted that the group is shaking this up, but most feel disappointed that the agency included a new member so late in the group’s career, throwing off the balance and the dynamic of a group that has existed for 6 years. Regardless, it’s time to check out their new song.

Archangels of the Sephiroth


This song is a bold choice to run with as a title song. It sounds like nothing I’ve heard from Stellar before, and I’m hard pressed to think of another song that sounds like this. The music itself is very atmospheric, with layers of zither, it creates a semi-peaceful ambiance. This gentle sound is shattered when the chorus kicks in, where the members are almost yelling at the listener, commanding them to give them your love. There is no ambiguity here. It’s a clear, simple instruction, that is being yelled at you. The striking chorus is one of the reasons this song is so unique. I cannot remember another example of being yelled at by a song.

The images conjured by the lyrics in this song are fantastical. The members refer to themselves as “Archangels of the Sephiroth”, which doesn’t make sense in terms of what Sephiroth refers to, or in terms of the song. Sephiroth can either refer to the Final Fantasy villain, which is doubtful, or it can refer to the “Sephirot’, which refers to the mystical emanations in Kabbalah through which the infinite being Ein Sof can be revealed. This is more likely to be what they are referring to. Teneously it can be linked to the overcoming of emotions and hardships, and finally being free from the maze of life (as referred to in the lyrics) and when you finally reveal your true self, only then will you be happy.


This is easily the most beautiful video I`ve seen from Stellar. The production quality of everything, from the sets to the costumes to the film itself, is so much better this time around than their previous comeback. The video oozes with the fantasy images that are present in the song, and the video matches the concept of the song really well, considering the lyrics are so “out there”. We are treated to the ever present “bathtub” scene that is popular in so many comebacks these days.

The video itself has no storyline, as such. We get the beautiful shots of the members, all separated, and then we see them dance for the dance routine parts. Their outfits are very different in these sections. Their styling is very simple, with no shoes, and the dance routine is pretty sexy. It’s a different sort of sexy from what Stellar have done in the past. The two different sections of the video are so distinct, and I think they work nicely together, even if they seem at odds with each other.


A very striking song from Stellar. It’s certainly a different direction for them. Given that it’s got such a unique sound, I had to add it to the my playlist. The chorus still catches me off guard, but I do enjoy it. I’m sad that their physical album hasn’t come out yet, and it’s nearly three weeks after the release of this song, which is a lifetime in the world of Kpop.

If you need more Stellar, I would recommend “UFO”, “Sting”, and “Crying”.