Suzy is the princess of JYP Entertainment. She epitomizes the good girl next door vibe, and JYP has capitalised on this for the past couple of years, since Miss A has been inactive (due to solo schedules by the members). Miss A debuted in 2010 and have a number of classic hits that everyone and their dog knows. However, the band as a whole have only had two comebacks since 2013, and whilst they were awesome, in the fast paced world of Kpop, it’s hard to maintain your band’s popularity with only 2 comebacks in 3 years. With the departure of member Jia in May 2016, Miss A’s future is a tad shaky. We have had so many old school girl groups disbanding already in 2017 (2NE1 and Wonder Girls), I’m concerned that  Miss A may be next on the chopping block. In saying that, let’s see how Suzy puts herself out there for her first solo song.

Yes, No, Maybe


I really want to like this song. I’ve listened to it numerous times (hence why this article is slightly later after her debut than I would normally review), and I just can’t bring myself to like it. Even though it is her solo song, Suzy sounds bored with what she is singing. She doesn’t seem engaged with the song, or the lyrics. Her voice does take on a husky tone every now and then, and I quite like that, but then it just returns to the same flat, disinterested tone that dominates this whole song. I feel like it’s a “safe” song. There isn’t anything that differentiates it from the dozens of other new releases that are currently vying for my attention. There is nothing about this song that tells me who Suzy is as a solo artist. Nothing about it that makes me want to hear more from her solo work. This sounds like it could have been written for any female artist (solo or group) and Suzy just so happened to pick it up. I’m disappointed in it to be honest. I was expecting so much more, especially since JYP had been teasing Suzy’s solo debut for months.

The lyrics are just as dull. The usual fare of “I love him, but I can’t be with him”. I researched the lyrics, both the “official” English translation and from fansites, even attempting to translate some of it on my own, hoping that I was missing something in translation. I looked for the gold but I only found dust. There isn’t anything here. Normally, I could overlook tired lyrics like these a little bit if the vocals and music are on point, but with such a sour taste left in my mouth from the vocals, the lyrics were just another disappointment.

Finally we come to the music itself. There is a flute, I believe, that serves as the “hook” for both the intro into the song, and the intro back into the verses after the chorus, and whilst I love a good hook, this just isn’t one. It is slightly too high pitched, and I find it grating. I want to fast forward through the song every time I hear it. A good song should never want me to fast forward.


Oh man, what ever I say about the song, I cannot deny that this is an absolutely beautiful MV. It reminds me of Hong Kong gangster movies from the outset. The urban setting, the lighting, the story, all come together to thoroughly impress. The lighting is probably my favourite aspect of this MV. It has a realness to it that is a hallmark of the movie genre it is trying to emulate. The lighting isn’t saturated to the point that it’s fake. When Suzy is in a restaurant, or a launderette, she looks like she is actually in a restaurant and laundrette, not on a set, and I love that. It lends an air of authenticity to the video that brings the overall quality up immeasurably. My absolute favourite sequence in the video is the red lighting sequence, when Suzy and her boyfriend are in the bedroom. The red lighting is used to wonderful effect here. Suzy looks gorgeous bathed in the soft red light, and it gives a hint that even though things are rosy now, the future may be a little more dangerous.

The rain soaked, travelling, city scenes before we realised what Suzy has done are the perfect mirror to her confused and wild mindset. I wish that Suzy’s passion for this MV (that is clearly evident) came through half as well in her singing. She convinced me to root for her through her MV and acting, I just wish she could sing it to me. I want to be in the world Suzy portrays in the MV, not in her song.


I wanted this to be better. I wanted to be swept away in the husky tones of Suzy’s voice. I wanted to put this on my playlist and listen to it forever. But I didn’t. I don’t like this song nearly as much as I love the MV. And I can’t listen to the enticing MV without hearing the song. Please make me love you, Suzy, I know you can do, but right now, I have to say “No”. No “Yes, No, Maybe” about it.

If you liked Suzy’s voice, I would recommend her work with Miss A, especially “Only You“, “Hush” and “Breathe