The second addition to the wonderful SM Station is upon us. I certainly hope we continue to get the wide variety of musical styles this year, and that each one utilizes the strengths of the artists involved. The second release is from Ten, a member of the ever-evolving NCT. NCT is an extremely ambitious boy group from SM that has no fixed members and only very loosely gathered subunits. Ten is part of NCT U, and was involved with the release of “The 7th Sense”, possibly one of the best debut songs of 2016. Ten is well known for his incredible dance skill, and when I heard that he was going to be releasing a song through SM Station, I was anticipating something special, as I wanted to know what he could do, on his own.

Dream in a Dream


This is a very different song to anything else I’ve heard so far this year. Firstly, it’s approximately 70% music, and only 30% lyrics. It’s the only mainly musical song I’ve heard this year, that isn’t just an instrumental.

The song starts, and the soft notes that are present, instantly relax the listener. They place a hypnotic state upon the listener and insist that everything slow down. The composition is very reminiscent of the title, and I was transported to the place of dreams that the song describes. Equally though, and what makes this song more than simple background music at a spa, is the deep bassline that is ever-present throughout the important parts of the music. It gives body to the song in a way that I don’t normally hear, because I’m so focused on the lyrics. So often music is used to merely highlight the lyrics, and often comes in second place. This time, it is not the case, and it was a nice change of pace to see the lyrics take a backseat, and listen to the composition itself do the heavy hitting.

There are lyrics, but they are few and far between. All in English, Ten sings a verse approximately every moment or so, and each time the verse is the same. He sings of being completely enraptured in his love, and doesn’t ever want to “come down” from it. He will follow his partner wherever, and they can get lost together as they figure this whole thing out. It’s a very tender feeling, and he doesn’t need to explain anything more than just wanting to be with them as long as he can.

It’s lovely to hear Ten sing. As one of the foreign members of NCT (he is Thai), he tends to be overlooked in line distributions and I’m hoping that as NCT U comeback soon, he may be given more lines because of this song.


This video is beautiful. It’s like a piece of art, especially when coupled with the almost instrumental song. I always knew Ten could dance, but I was completely not expecting the result. His dancing is incredible. It is elegant and powerful, vulnerable and strong, all at the same time. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. Even when he is surrounded by other dancers, my eyes were drawn to him immediately. It was only on my third or fourth viewing of this MV that I even realised there were other dancers there. It makes me sad to know that he has an ongoing knee injury and he may possibly not be able to dance for a while, as this was flawless. His body told me the complete story of the song, without him saying much, and that is an achievement all on its own.

The video is very minimal, using mainly dancers and some props throughout. The use of the saturated colours throughout helps to bring a certain amount of depth to scenes that would otherwise be very bare. With the dark red, greens, and blues, we are shown various different feelings without the background ever changing. I adore videos that have such a strong focus on lighting, and this video is no exception.



An absolutely fantastic song from Ten and the SM Station crew. It fits him so well, allowing his dancing to tell his story, and supplemented by his light voice. Definitely excited to see the next release, and for Ten to get more lines!

If you like Ten singing in this, I would recommend “The 7th Sense, and also his “Hit the Stage” performances, so that you can see his fantastic dance skills.