If you’ve been on any of Kpop Mixtape’s social media pages, or even checked out the articles recently, you’ve probably already figured out how in love we all were with the Canada Dream Stage at Toronto Kpop Con 2017. But just in case you didn’t get the memo, or it hasn’t fully sunk in, I’m here to rave more about it, and make sure you check it out next year.

For the 2017 Canada Dream Stage, there were 14 dance crews and 6 singers, with many of the dance crews doing multiple dances it came to be 42 acts in total, with an intermission about halfway though. The whole event was roughly 4 hours and it was amazing for the entire time! It is the very first event on the Saturday of the con, so it’s a little earlier than  would personally like to be awake on a Saturday, but it was easily worth it. Not to mention how early all of the performers must have woken up to be ready to put on such a great show. The cost of a one day entry ticket to TKC17 was $44, and I honestly believe the Dream Stage to be worth every penny spent.

If you don’t want to wait until next year to check out these very talented people, or you want to see for yourself if it’s worth it, here’s link to a few of the must see acts that performed!

East2West’s dance cover of Never Ever by Got7: 


Havoc performing Hobgoblin by CLC:

RPM performing History by EXO & Hero by MonstaX:

EVO performing 21st Century Girls by BTS: 

Limelight performing TT by Twice, Me Gusta Tu by GFriend, & Fire by BTS: 

MKDC performing  Boy in Luv by BTS & Mama by EXO: