One of the things I love about Kpop is how broad of a spectrum it covers, and because of this it equally collects a wide spectrum of fans. And with all these fans comes all their different styles! While we were wandering around Toronto Kpop Con this past weekend I managed to grab pictures of a few of my favourite looks!

No convention would be complete without cosplay, but these girls seriously stood out!

The perfect cosplay for BtoB day (complete with glowing sword). If you haven’t seen Goblin, the Great and Lonely God yet, make sure to check out BtoB’s Sungjae as Goblin’s grandson!

“Dumb Dumb” by Red Velvet may have come out over a year and a half ago, but the dresses from that video are still iconic.

Then we had an outfit that mixed style with cosplay. The TOP top paired with a varsity jacket that also says “TOP”

A top that would look right at home on TOP’s instagram.

There’s even “Doom Dada” TOP with the freaky baby!

I first got to see these jackets in action when Kapital K-Dance performed “Boom Boom” (by Seventeen) on the Canada Dream Stage so I was overly excited to be able to see them up close.

Perks of seeing them up close? I hadn’t realized while they were one stage that the jackets actually said different things. I was far too distracted by the dancing.

I was also able to see some really fantastic everyday looks. Like this Lolita inspired outfit.

She looked so cute, and the whole outfit was so well put together that everyone at Mixtape kept finding more pieces to compliment her on. (Those shoes though).

And sometimes style is more than just the clothes you wear. Sometimes style is more about what you do with your hair and makeup.

The outfit itself was really casual and simple, yet this girl was so eye catching because of her hair and makeup. Everything is so perfectly in place and all the different colours compliment each other so wonderfully.

And then some outfits are made by knowing what works together. I love this outfit because all the different pieces are rather simple, but when put together it becomes a striking outfit.

The one big pop of colour makes it easy for your eyes to know what to look at, but the coat also makes a frame for her whole outfit so you are almost forced to look at every piece. I also love the levels of the long coat, short skirt, and knee boots. It hits that perfect line between stylish, and being too over the top.

It was such a fantastic day, only made better by all the great looks we got to see. Thank you so much to everyone who let us take their pictures and show their great style to everyone!