Twice continue their reign as the hottest Kpop group in Korea. Their popularity is not to be taken lightly, as they are currently one of the highest grossing groups. They are constantly breaking records both domestically and internationally, and are about to debut in Japan. With this debut upcoming, and the fact that they only released “Knock Knock” about three months ago, I wasn’t expecting to see another release from Twice until at least the end of the summer. JYP, always one to be different, not only scheduled a comeback right before their Japanese debut, but also produced “Signal” for them. With all these factors, I was interested to see what sort of song JYP would give the members, as I haven’t really been a fan of his latest works (GOT7’s “Never Ever” springs to mind).



The song opens with both Chaeyoung and Dahyun and instantly it has my attention. This signaled a change in dynamic for the group, as their previous singles have all been almost exactly the same when it comes to the singing order, with Jihyo and Nayeon mostly doing all the heavy lifting. This song is different, and I love it for that. Not only do the rest of the members get a fairer line distribution in the song, Sana and Tzuyu actually sing the chorus. I would love for this trend to continue, especially as other JYP Entertainment artists have a very equal line distribution (for the most part).

Once Chaeyoung and Dahyun’s parts are over, we hear the eponymous “JYP whisper” that is in every one of his songs, and this is where the song takes a nosedive for me. Momo’s part comes out of left field almost completely and the background “hey, hey” that is repeated over and over again, really doesn’t sound good. I find it very distracting and that’s all I can focus on when I hear it. Jeongyeon sings the next part, and again, it is completely different from what preceded it. It sounds like a completely different song, and the juxtaposition between this part and the others is jarring. The chorus is easily the catchiest part of the song but I honestly found the cutsey choreography a little too much, and too pandering.

The lyrics of the song are exactly what I’ve come to expect from Twice. They have fallen in love with someone and he doesn’t seem to realise it. Hence the girls sending him a “signal” to let him know they like him. This could have been any Twice song, with these lyrics, and I’m sure they have sung about this in the not so distant past.


This video is a hodge podge of ideas. It starts with the members outside and they all faint. When they wake up they are in school and they all have supernatural powers. They are all trying to impress the alien character by using their powers, and somehow does quite work out:

Momo – Super speed

Mina – Hypnotism/mind control

Chaeyoung – Telekinesis

Jeongyeon – Time control (freezing)

Jihyo – Telescopic sight

Nayeon – Time control (backwards in time)

Tzuyu – Super strength

Sana – Invisibility

Dahyun – Multiplicity

The schoolgirl trying to impress the guy cliche has been done so many times at this stage that it’s hard to tell all the videos apart. Yes, this is probably the “funniest” of Twice’s videos as the faces the girls make will easily be giffed and shared online as they are cute, but other than that this video is fairly standard.

Unsurprisingly, the guy doesn’t seem to understand what’s happening, and as he returns to his spaceship, the members follow him, only to be revealed as aliens themselves! It’s quite a startling ending, visually, especially the first time you see it. Other than that, this video is pretty run of the mill, and not something that will make me remember it in 6 months time.


This is easily the weakest of Twice’s lead singles. It’s a hot mess of competing sounds that just don’t work together. It sounds like three different people all had conflicting ideas about what the song should sound like. In saying this, the song will still be mega successful, just because it’s Twice singing it, but honestly, this sounds like the crappy B-side song on an album that you always skip.

If you want to hear more Twice, I would suggest “Knock, Knock”, “Touchdown” and “Jelly Jelly”.