Depending on how long you have been into Kpop, and depending on how deep of a Kpop hole you are in, you may have never heard of Uhm Jung Hwa. You may well be wondering why I’m doing this review on her rather than, say, the new SF9 single. But if you’ve never heard of her, you are in for a treat. Uhm Jung Hwa is one of the few singers that has been around a long time in Kpop. She debuted in 1993 with her first album, and has released new music every couple of years since them. She took a break after her 2008  EP, “D.I.S.C.O”, with Big Bang’s TOP; as she had recurring health issues, which she has now overcome. She has had some of the most iconic songs in the industry, including the incredibly suggestive “Invitation” ( She has her own clothing line, and has worked as an actress for a long time. I was honestly not sure if we were ever going to get another musical comeback from her, but then she released not only one MV, but two, and a new album! I was so excited to see where she would go this time in terms of her sound!

Watch Me Move


The song starts with a familiar EDM type drum beat that’s been very popular in Western indie music for the last couple of years (Robyn, anyone?), but then Jung Hwa’s absolutely killer vocals come in. They sound almost religious in a way, like I could be listening to a soloist in a church choir. Her voice blends wonderfully into the modern beat behind it, and the contrast makes for a great mix. Her voice has a reverence and clarity to it that is born of a confidence in her ability.

The chorus is my favourite part, vocally. I adore her desperate cry at the end of the sentences. It punctuates the chorus in a way that I haven’t heard before. It makes the song come alive, and throws weight behind the words that marries the beat perfectly.

The lyrics are somber and wistful in places, wishing for a love that seems to have slipped through her fingers. She doesn’t have anything left, and all she can offer now is her dancing. My favourite lyrics (apologies if they are mistranslated, I translated them myself, and it took far longer than any normal person should take..)

“Take my breath away.

Take me

I lost everything I had

I’m losing everything more and more

Nobody finds me

I close my eyes”

To me, these lyrics are the heart of the song, it’s the whole reason behind why she is singing. She cannot move forward, she cannot move backwards. She can only continue to exist, a shadow of her former self.



Uhm Jung Hwa is 47 years old. She moves with an elegance that is hard to find these days. She exudes confidence in every dance move she executes perfectly, and has some of the most beautiful and unusual costumes I’ve seen in an MV this year. It’s not everyone that can rock an 1980’s inspired, red sequined, off the shoulder dress with a diamond encrusted glove, but somehow Jung Hwa manages it, and looks like she was born to wear it.

The video is dark and dreary for the most part, with the lighting specifically designed to reflect off of Jung Hwa’s sequined outfits. The silver dress that she wears whilst the multi-coloured lights overhead cause her dress to radiate colours is just phenomenal. The lighting in this video really is second to none, and the fact it compliments the costumes so well, it makes both shine. For such a simple video, without many sets, the lighting conveys a whole lot, and the spectrum of light we see here is just wonderful.

The video has a futuristic, industrial feel to it. The overgrown, abandoned room with light streaming in through the foliage outside. The harsh green light in the empty apartment. The purple dance studio. The faceless dancers. They all remind me of the beginning of countless sci-fi movies. The video is designed to showcase Jung Hwa’s amazing talent and stellar visuals, and it certainly does that!




This song is little softer than the powerhouse that is “Watch Me Move”. There isn’t as many “pointy raw edges” in the vocals. It’s a softer song overall. The repetitive beats feature again in the background, whilst having an electronic flair to them and aren’t as overwhelming as the previous track. Again, Jung Hwa’s voice pairs perfectly with this music. She has a beautiful voice that is classic in every sense of the word. She could sing songs from fifty years ago and it would still sound modern and soulful. She could sing some of the newest, cutest, girl group songs and bring an air of maturity and elegance to them. Her voice suits every style and really evident in this particular comeback.

The lyrics of “Dreamer” are sadder and more final, than that of “Watch Me Move”. Another wistful song, except this time she’s the one that hurt someone. She’s telling her partner not to cry, that she did love him, in a dream, and that was enough for her. She might come back to him, but only at night in his dreams. It’s a different tone to “Watch Me Move” but no happier.



This video has a completely different feel to it than “Watch Me Move”. It’s much darker, with a more simplistic set. It’s just Jung Hwa and some beautiful dancers. I absolutely love the androgynous look of the dancers. I know that there is both male and female dancers there but cannot tell which is which, and this plays into the duality of dream/reality concept that this video seems to espouse.

The black dance sequences are contrasted with the soft lighting of Jung Hwa on a couch in a very pleasing way. Both sequences are presented in a way that each could be a dream and the other reality, and it’s hard to know which one is which. Jung Hwa looks incredible in both. The floaty, light dress of the lighted sequence makes her seem soft and vulnerable, and the black, feathered top in the dark dance scenes seem to suggest a power and confidence that isn’t present otherwise.

I don’t normally comment on the dance routine presented in these videos but in this case, I’m willing to make an exception. There’s something about this dance that is simple and complex all at the same time. Its fast and slow, strong and gentle, and everything in between. I’ve re-watched the video numerous times to just watch her dance.


Overall, these singles are absolute bops and I love both of them. If I had to pick one, I think I’d pick “Watch Me Move”, just because it appeals a little more to my current mood. Definitely excited to listen to her album, and you should definitely check out Uhm Jung Hwa!