VAV, or “Very Awesome Voice”, is a seven member boy group that debuted in 2015, under A Team Entertainment. Their lineup has changed a little since their debut, with three members being replaced in early 2017. Member changes like this are never a good thing, especially for a nugu group that is trying to establish themselves. Their concept has changed significantly as well. Their debut concept was more of a dark, gothic look, that made the guys into vampires. They ran with this concept for a little while, even naming their fans “Vampz”, but it wasn’t really producing any results. With their 2017 comeback, “Flower (You)”, they changed their concept completely, and I was worried they would change it again for this latest comeback. I’m glad that they haven’t and have continued along with this new, refreshing look.

ABC (In the Middle of the Night)


This song opens with what is definitely the sound of summer 2017; Tropical House. The light sound helps place the song and lyrics, very squarely, into the summer period. It continues the concept that VAV had established with their previous release, and the song is more descriptive as a result (anything that moved them away from pretending to vampires is always a good direction, in my opinion!).

The song focuses on the feelings that the members have for a particular girl. The more they spend time together, the more he wants to spend time with her. She is completely captivating to him, and he wants to be with her all the time. They sing that if this is love, they never want to feel anything else. The chorus, however, is a little bit more risque than the verses. The members ask the bartender for another drink, and this gives them courage. The members ask if the girl wants to spend the night with them, and there are “10 things to do with you before the sunrise”. Not only can this be read as sexual, but I am delighted to see that the members make a big deal of asking if the girl in question is ok with doing this, and give her an out if she doesn’t want to. Consent is not something I always see in these songs, so it’s nice to see it here!

There are parts that are slightly confusing to me, but perhaps I mistranslated it, or the various different versions I read were all mistranslated, but member Ayno has a strange line in his rap section about how the girl has a Marilyn Monroe ego. It doesn’t fit with the rest of the song, nor does it fit with what he is saying either.


This video continues on the same concept established in the previous comeback. There is a lot of light colours, evident in the styling and the sets, that is similar to “Flower (You)’. The opening dance routine of them in the dark is possibly my favourite of the whole video. It is really nicely done and helps to create a little of the atmosphere that is described in the song.

Other than that, the video is pretty formulaic, with no story beyond a girl appearing to look for the members. There are solo shots, smaller group shots, and then the wider dance routine shots. Whilst the video is perfectly fine, in style and execution, there is nothing that will make it stand out in the slew of videos that are being released this summer.

There is a strange drop in quality when the members are dancing (not in the dark section as outlined above), but throughout the video. I’m not sure why this, but it doesn’t appear to be intentional.


Not my favourite VAV song, (Flower (You) gets that title), but definitely a step up from their earlier material. A nice and light summer song. Not one to remember, but absolutely a step in the right direction from them

If you want to hear more VAV, I would recommend “Flower (You)”  and “Brotherhood”.