Vinicius is not an easy artist to find information on, because he isn’t as well known. Vinicius is part of Greater Fools Records, which helps to showcase talented, unsigned singers from South Korea. They were officially established in 2014, with Vinicius joining not long after. Most of the music I could source for Vinicius is via his soundcloud account, and after listening to his entire discography, I can confirm that he is absolutely worthy of starring in SM Station’s Season 2. I’ve heard complaints online about SM shining the light on such a small artist, but Vinicius is not someone who is new to the scene. He has been creating music since at least 2010, and I’m excited that he is going to get some new love from this single.



The first thing to note about this song is that the music very rarely changes. The beat that starts the song remains for the majority of it, with a piano break a little way through. The beats are very steeped in the electronica sound, and without Vinicius’ amazingly mellow vocals, this song would be very boring. I did find the repetitive music a little grating to the ear after some time, but I would absolutely listen again to hear more of his voice.

His voice is unlike any other voice I’ve heard so far this year. It reminds me of jazz singers. It’s got a quality that reminds me of a liquid caramel, soft and sweet. I can absolutely imagine myself listening to his work on a cosy Sunday afternoon. This song does an excellent job of showing the listener the best parts of his voice, and makes you eager to hear more.

The lyrics are heartfelt. They speak of Vinicius’ desire to live in the moment, and not worry about what happened in the past, or what could happen in the future. It’s easy to love in this moment in time. To forget about the hurt that was caused and what tomorrow could possibly bring. He admits that it wasn’t always this easy, and that oftentimes he finds it hard to ignore the pain caused by his relationship. He explains that it is a fantasy to think that it can be forgotten always, but in this moment, it’s worth it to try.


The MV for this song is just as simple as the song. It’s colourful backgrounds, big white props, and Vinicius himself. There’s a sense of mystery to the video, in that we are never really shown where Vinicius is, and as he wears sunglasses the entire time, we don’t get to see his face. Given that I couldn’t find any pictures of him online at all, other than screen grabs from this video, this sense of mystery about who he is, is only heightened. Because his eyes are covered, it also makes it difficult to read his emotions.It’s hard to ascertain whether he finds it as “easy” to move beyond his emotions as he describes in the song.

There is dancing in this video, but not in the way most kpop videos have it. This seems much more organic, much less of a routine, but just Vinicius dancing to his music. He moves his body with small movements, and it gives the impression that he is moving like a fluid. It’s very smooth, and matches the style of singing completely.


One of my favourites of Season 2 of SM Station. I love his voice, and I’m so glad that he was featured, as I now have a whole bunch of new, awesome, jazzy music to listen to on soundcloud! ( 

If you want to hear more of Vinicius, I would recommend “Satisfy” and “Purple”.