VIXX (Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis) are a six member boy group, who debuted in 2012, under Jellyfish Entertainment. They are the agency’s first boy group. VIXX were created through a reality tv show in 2012 wherein the members and the name were chosen by the public. Ever since their debut, VIXX have been known to have intense concepts that are very artistic and highly visual. Each comeback that they have had has brought something new and more beautiful. Starlights (VIXX’s fandom) are consistently surprised by what VIXX comes up with.

Shangri La


This song is instant decadence from the opening note. The electronic undertone coupled with the more traditional string instrument (Gayaguem, similar to the Chinese gunzheng) serves to give the song an almost timeless quality. The song has a very VIXX feel to it, without being similar to anything else. That’s one thing I love about VIXX, all of their songs are undeniably their song and their sound, but each song has something new, something that’s intrinsically their sound. This song is no different. It fits perfectly into the catalogue but doesn’t sound like anything they have ever done before.

The lyrics speak of being so deeply in love with someone that it’s like finding Nirvana. Nothing can compare to this feeling for the members. The members speak of love that is completely unknown to them, and the only feeling that they can possibly equate it to is being drunk. Their love is the place they have searched for their entire lives, their heaven, their “Shangri La”. So absurdly drunk that nothing makes sense to them. I love the fact that this song has a singular message, and is unclouded by overly flowery language, whilst still remaining poetic.

The song changes pace several times, but never seems to be disjointed in the way it could be. The rap section that Ravi is responsible for doesn’t feel remotely out of place. The members voices are all beautifully complementary and this song is the perfect showcase for them


If you listened to the song, and thought, “VIXX really have an indulgent, decadent sound”, you clearly haven’t seen the MV for this song. From the opening seconds of this MV, it simply oozes indulgence. The video has a simple aesthetic that, again, matches what they have done in the past without repeating it.

The MV has a very ethereal feel to it, and it fits nicely into the heavenly composition and lyrics. This feeling is only enhanced by the outfits the members are wearing, and the inclusion of fans into the choreography. I adore choreography with props and this is no different. I feel like it only enhances the heavenly feeling.that both the song and MV are going for. It is very rare that we get to see prop choreography these days, as it’s very difficult. It has to be flawless each time it’s performed, as the props are very easy to spot when they are not in the correct position. VIXX do this admirably.

This video also fits nicely into the past catalogue of VIXX videos without deviating wildly from the aesthetic they have cultivated. It is different enough to stand alone, but has similar enough visuals to fit seamlessly.


Beautiful song, beautiful visuals. I’ve come to expect nothing less from VIXX and I was not disappointed in any way. It’s sad that they are competing against Twice this promotion cycle, as this song is infinitely better than “Signal” but I don’t think it will get enough attention.

If you want to hear more VIXX, I highly recommend “Voodoo Doll”, “Error” and “Chained Up”.