Check out the “Really, Really” article if you want to see a brief introduction to Winner. Both of these songs are very different, and whilst they each have their own parts that I like, “Fool” is definitely my favourite. Let’s check out why!



The moment this song started I knew I would like it more than “Really Really”. It’s instantly more Winner’s style, and they seem more comfortable with this. The vocals in this are incredible, and we get to hear Mino sing, which is always a nice treat. Again, when we do get to the rap section, it’s not forced and integrates perfectly into the song. This helps to make the song sound much more cohesive.

The song itself is very simple, and deals with a lot of regret. The members speak of being incredibly regretful for their mistakes in their past relationship, and cannot help but wonder how things would be if they were together now. They know that being regretful now means nothing, and know that it will not change anything, no matter how hard they want it to be different. The lyrics are fairly straightforward and deal with a subject matter that I have heard a thousand times in different songs at this point. However, Winner manage to make this sound  just a little bit more heart wrenching than I have heard in the past.

I particularly like the chorus of this song, and whilst it doesn’t have the ear worm quality of “Baby, Baby”, I find myself humming it long after I’ve heard it.


I really wasn’t a big fan of Winner’s other video for this comeback, “Really, Really”, so I was a little apprehensive as to what the video for “Fool” would be like.

This video though.

This is probably one of my favourite videos this year. It’s absolutely packed with references and symbolism. It fits perfectly with the theme of the song, but expands on it so much more. This is an awesome example of how songs and music videos can be used to tell a complete story, and each is only enhanced by having the other present.

The MV starts with the members all dressed in white and being in a church. Instantly, this tells me that they are seeking forgiveness for something, and this is only compounded by the Catholic images of the Virgin Mary being dotted across the video.

The next couple of scenes are that of a woman interacting with the various members of Winner. Given the lighting and the soft focus, we can surmise that this is a memory of when times were good in the relationship alluded to the song. Slowly, however, the ideal picture is changed, and we are shown images that are not as beautiful. The woman in question is shown with hand-prints around her neck, and later on, we see one of the members with the same colouring on his hands.Perhaps this relationship was not as pure as the members spoke about in the song? Maybe they are apologising for more than just the standard relationship deal breakers.


Fire plays an important role in this MV. We are shown fire consuming dresses, rooms, even motorcycle helmets. There are candles everywhere. Fire has long since been considered redemptive as well as destructive, and I can’t help but wonder if they were seeking one or the other, or even possibly both, in this MV.

The lighting is beautiful in this video, and it enhances the redemptive arc that is being played out. Inside the church is dark and dreary, with only candles being used to light to way. Outside the church is brilliantly white, and is contrasted with the blue sky. Seeing the members against this backdrop, all dressed in white, is a wonderful shot. Equally though, the lighting is used to mark different tones in the video. The woman in question is shown being blindfolded, and the light slowly moves from a soft yellow to a dark red.

Each of the members are on their own in this MV. They aren’t shown as a group at all, and this also links with the penitent tone of the MV. We see images of innocence being contrasted against images of sadness, such as the blindfolded women dancing in a circle around Seungyoon who is in tears on the ground. Its such a great image, and works so nicely with this concept.


I love this song, I love this MV. The two together are the perfect package. Cannot recommend enough!

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