Cosmic Girls, or WJSN, are a thirteen member girl group that is co-managed by Starship Entertainment and Yuehua Entertainment. They debuted in 2016 and have already amassed a large fan base in China, due partly to their multiple Chinese members. They have yet to make a big impact on the domestic Korean market, with Yeonjung and Cheng Xiao being the only 2 members known by the public. Yeonjung was a member of the incredibly popular IOI, and Cheng Xiao has appeared on a lot of variety shows to show off her impressive gymnastic abilities. Will this current comeback be the one that helps the group establish a firmer foothold in the competitive Kpop industry? Let’s check it out.



The song begins with a steel drum, and evokes summertime vibes instantly. The beat has a hypnotic quality to it that oozes summer, and I couldn’t help but be drawn into the lively and upbeat tones of the song. This is the perfect time of the year to release such a musically upbeat song, and with the repetitive hook thrown into the middle of the song, it is one of the songs that remains in my head hours after I stopped listening to it.

The lyrics of this song are the standout for me. They begin by stating that the members weren’t expecting to be happy at all with their current situation. They sing about wanting to see “you” (possibly a boyfriend) but they acknowledge that this may not make them happy. They see that this may not be the most healthy thing for them, and they then go on to encourage others to feel happy, by doing what makes them happy. The members list of a couple of things that make them happy, such as reading and learning new languages, and that by just being you is good enough. They urge their listeners to not change themselves for anyone, and that in time, this will bring happiness. It’s the happiness that makes the members beautiful, not their looks, and to find happiness is the one thing that is most beautiful. I really like the message of this song. It’s catchy and upbeat, but still holds important meaning, and a message that I think everyone could do with being reminded of from time to time.

One thing I do want to mention in this song, is that the line distribution seems very unfair. Some members only have a couple of words, such as Luda, Mei Qi, and Cheng Xiao. I know it’s hard to split the song into 13 somewhat equal parts, but this time around, I really feel like the above three members didn’t get anything of substance at all. I hope that for the next comeback, the line distribution is more even.


The video is just as happy and cheerful as the song itself. The concept of the video is a dodgeball tournament with all of the members playing on teams, and being cheerleaders. The video follows the girls as they have a training montage before the game, and we get to see them play and laugh with each other.

The colours are really bright in this, from vibrant yellows to the rich reds, the colour palette is excellent, and gives the impression of a cheerful, joyful place. The colours themselves help to evoke a sense of happiness even without the members singing anything. The more varied colours appear in the doll’s house section of the video, which is the training montage, and we get to see more of the vivid colour scheme here. It’s continued with the preppy pink and zesty green, and I can’t help but smile when I watch it. Really fantastic use of colour in this video.

There are a couple of more little details that I rather liked about the video. The inclusion of the night sky once more, given that this is a “Cosmic” girls video, is a nice tradition from past videos, and I was looking forward to see how they would include it in this video. I also really liked the comic-book style font and words that accompanies the dodgeball tournament itself. They helped to underscore the almost whimsical setting of the video. The girls all look like they are having a blast, whether it’s in the dance routine or just being in each other’s company, and its really nice to see that.


Great upbeat song from Cosmic Girls. Probably won’t have the desired impact that they wanted, but a solid song that will definitely gain them some new fans. I miss the “girl crush” concept of “Catch Me”, but this is a neat direction for them to go in.

If you want to hear more WJSN, I would recommend “Catch Me”, “Secret”, and “I Wish”.